Today would be my father, S. Sheldon Weinhaus’ 93rd birthday. More about father can be found in this blurb:

“… legal career and the lives he  saved at the memorial which can be viewed here. UCLA’s Entrepreneurial Strategy and the Law course uses his “No Matter How Little It Is, We Are Going To The Supreme Court If Necessary” tale in one of its Litigation Strategy tactic lessons in a case over $500 (the oral argument can be heard here).
S. Sheldon Weinhaus Obituary. “

Today, I honor my father with two accomplishments. In my speech at his memorial, I spoke about my father raising me to know that there were such things as “foolish judges.” It explains my involvement in Juciciocracy LLC:

Judiciocracy is America’s only systemic legal news publisher that focuses on the flaws of the actors in the judicial system itself. It publishes the country’s largest Judicial Misconduct News Service and Attorney Misconduct News Service (AbusiveDiscretion and ALABnews), among other legal news journals such as VowBreakersDiplomaPrivilege, and BlockTribune. Judiciocracy also powers GazaPassage, and GazaConstitutionTribunalForum is Judiciocracy’s newest publication.

I credit the drive to build Judciocracy coming straight from my father and holding our system accountable in his merit.

The Judiciocracy publications recently provided coverage of Debtors’ Prison in Cook County, Illinois, drawing on international experts on criminal due process and legal scholars. As a result of our pressure, the court system learned a bit about accountability to the masses. That’s the media’s job. That’s my job. Today, our publications were given thanks from readers for shedding light on a tragedy of errors.

Also, today, again in my father’s honor, I penned an opinion piece for our newest publication – The piece speaks for itself. I hope you like it.

But most of all, I hope that S. Sheldon Weinhaus, my father, is proud of what I am doing.