When I took control of the name “ALABPodcast” as a result of my lawsuit, court order, and victory-lap-taking episode, I had hoped the media would leave me alone. I mean, really, does repeating untruths about me seem like a good use of time?

Nonetheless, the episode seems to have brought my fellow hosts and I some critical acclaim finally (I mean finally for them, I am batting a thousand). Slate.com named us among the Top 10 Chat Podcast Episodes of 2022.

Slate’s Rebecca Onion lays out why she found it good listening here:

“I have never heard such an awkward setup result in such a genial and genuinely interesting conversation! I almost didn’t listen, but I’m glad I did.”

You know the setup. I sued. We settled and I took their name. I podcasted. It is nontraditional if not awkward.

But in her retelling, Ms. Onion misremembers a key fact, claiming that I “threatened to sue.” Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. As the episode discloses early on, I reached out directly via LinkedIn asking for an informal conversation to discuss what were valid claims (if masked in my pastiche in the Complaint). As my fellow host Tarik noted, he made a mistake in not responding to my opening message. Then, without any response in more than a year and without any threat from me whatsoever, I sued.

I don’t threaten. I

1) communicate; and
2) sue when there are valid claims.

Happy to settle between steps 1 and 2. That’s really not entirely up to me though. 1 and 2 are up to me.

Rebecca’s mistake aside, she did well to refer to me as a “colorful” attorney, and of course “Coach” – both taken straight from the episode itself.

PRIVATE NOTE TO REBECCA: I am happy to have an informal conversation at your convenience.

No, I kid. We all know Coach sued them!