If 2022 marks the year I returned to my media roots (taking over ALAB, founding AbusiveDiscretion/ALABnews, having Slate escort me on my victory lap), then 2023 was the year of the Pledge.

I built three pledges that have already made an impact, saving lives, improving the workplace environment for our judiciary, and causing one powerful judge to risk her robe!

The first Pledge I built was part of a student project – ChildrenOfTheCourt.org. Here, the Parent Pledge sends their adult children back to court to oversee the courtrooms that issued a penstroke to establish their future. Our first ChilcrenOfTheCourt Parent Pledge letters are going to Judges and their Supervisors this week.

The second Pledge hit the wires Friday – the Legal Accountability Project (LAP) LAP Pledge. I wrote the business plan for this project on October 1, 2023, took two months to convince leadership to get behind it, had my publishing company fund it and provide initial research, and before the end-of-the-year, had judges taking the Pledge. Bloomberg Law and other media companies began covering it today.

Finally, the Pledge that may be the most impactful relates to a humanitarian mission I joined on October 10, 2023 – GazaPassage.org – helping non-combatants leave Gaza.  The GazaPassage Pledge continues to work to save innocent lies. It has branched out to help build a safe, peaceful post-war Gaza.

Let 2024 be the year of reaping.